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Breizh Cafe is one of Canberra's unique restaurant's that gives you the feel of being in a typical Crêperie (Like In Brittany). 

The place is Casual, Unpretentious yet Stylish, with a “Feel Good” atmosphere for people to relax and enjoy some of the charming Breton culture.

We bring to you exclusive bakes, crêpes and gallettes that will give you a taste of Breton right here, in the heart of Canberra.

Special Occasion Cakes Available For Order

Just give us 24 hours’ notice, and we will create a delectable specialty cake to your specifications. If you want decoration on your cake, we can do that too. At Breizh Café our highly skilled pastry chef, Bruno Paressant , produces exquisite specialty cakes for any occasion.

Choose from the large range of delicious cakes we bake and sell by the piece currently in the café, or order something extra special and more decadent!!

Come in and discuss your requirements, or phone us on 6156 0346 to order.



Crêpes are the food of the peasants of Brittany. From 2000 years ago they were traditionally made by spreading the batter on stones (“les galets") over the fire. Today they are made on thick electric or gas cast iron plates (galetoire) with thermostatic controls. You can see them being made fresh to order at Breizh Café.

Buckwheat (or Sarrasin, Blé Noir), despite its name, is not related to wheat, as it is not a grass. It is a grain from a plant related to the sorrel and rhubarb family, and is gluten free. Galettes, or savoury crêpes, are made from Buckwheat Flour, and so are all gluten free!!


Breizh Spicy Hot Chocolate

An intense real chocolate base, spiked with a secret blend of spices and just a touch of chilli, this hot chocolate drink is unique to Breizh Café.

“Gourmet Gift Shop”

We sell some French imported products such as jams, biscuits, patés, chocolates, Sel de Guerande, salted caramel, and other delicacies. Pop in to check out the latest as our range changes regularly. For Christmas gift ideas or hampers, please enquire with us.


Breizh Café has a small range of Whiskies from Brittany including one made from Buckwheat (the Eddu, which happens to be the Breton word for Buckwheat) and also a Whisky from the Cognac region matured in Pedro Ximenez barrels. Whiskies from Brittany are highly regarded.


(pronounced [quin-ya-mun]) Meaning literally cake ("kouign") and butter ("amann"), the Kouign-Amann is a cake which originated in a town in Brittany in around 1860. It is a round crusty cake, made with bread dough layered and folded with butter and sugar, similar in fashion to puff pastry. The resulting cake is slowly baked until the butter puffs up the dough and the sugar caramelizes the outside, making it rich and delectable.

Pastries, cakes and bread

We have a display cabinet full of wonderful pastries and cakes to have with a cup of tea or coffee, or for take-away. We bake fresh Croissants, Pain au Chocolat, Pain au Raisins and a selection of other pastries, daily, and we take orders for larger quantities if you give us 24 hours’ notice. We also bake French style baguettes on premises, and now we also are baking sour dough baguettes and large cob-style loaves for which the “mother dough” or culture has been made with buckwheat flour, giving them a fantastic crust and great nutty taste.


Breizh Café has a variety of French Ciders, ranging from dry to medium-dry, as well as pear and rosé ciders; some in half bottles. They are all selected from the Normandy and Brittany regions and are made using authentic methods. As part of this traditional methodology, they are unfiltered, which leads to a level of natural sedimentation and cloudiness in the bottle. French ciders tend to have a darker yellow tinge and more complexity and depth in flavour than their Australian counterparts. At Breizh Café, all ciders are served in a traditional porcelain bowl or “Bolée”.

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    Breizh Cafe

    Breizh Cafe

    A quaint little slice of Brittany with its charm and warmth, located next to the pharmacy in Ainslie shops.

    4 days ago

    Breizh Cafe
    Bon jour a tous! The specials for this week below:Buckwheat galette served with gruyère cheese, bacon, diced caramelised apples and roquette, drizzled with maple syrup.Salad de figues - Spinach and roquette salad dressed with balsamic-honey dressing, served with walnuts and figs, topped with goat cheese.Roasted tomato and capsicum soup, topped with croutons and parsley, accompanied with sliced baguette and butter. ... See MoreSee Less
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    3 weeks ago

    Breizh Cafe
    Bon jour a tous, for this week we offer:Buckwheat galette with gruyère cheese, prawns, leek compote and asparragus, topped with chili flakes.Beans cassoulet, topped with fried egg and chorizo, accompanied with baguette slices and French butter.Creammy chicken soup, topped with truffle oil, accompanied with baguette slices and French butter.Bon appetit!!!#canberrafood #eatlocal #cafeculture ... See MoreSee Less
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    2 months ago

    Breizh Cafe
    Bonjour a tous! Here are the specials for the week!!Buckwheat galette with gruyère cheese, wilted kale, roasted pumpkin, spanish onion and spiced yogurt, topped with roasted pine nuts.Buckwheat galette and gruyère cheese with a soft yolk egg accompanied with pepperoni and topped with freshly chopped parsley.Creamy mushroom soup topped with parsley and accompanied with garlic butter on baguette slices.#canberralife #canberrafood #canberraeats #cafelife ... See MoreSee Less
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    2 months ago

    Breizh Cafe
    On this cold weather we invite you to come and have coffee with one of the best Almond Croissant in Canberra!!!#canberrafood #canberraeats #canberralife Canberra Notice Board Group ... See MoreSee Less
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    2 months ago

    Breizh Cafe
    This week, on the blackboard:Parmentier de Canard - "shepherd's pie" of duck confit and mushrooms, topped with potato mash, and served with green salad.Buckwheat galette with gruyère cheese, pear, blue cheese, avocado, roquette, roasted pecans and honey dressing.Lentils soup, topped with speck, accompanied with baguette slices and French butter.Bon apetit!!!#canberrafood #canberralife #eatlocal #eatcanberra #canberra #canberrasmallbusiness ... See MoreSee Less
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